Through socially and psychologically themed lyrics, Iskaz has been voicing their opinions and attitudes over 4 studio albums: “Natio” (2006), “Theory of Chaos” (Teorija Haosa, 2008), then “Eros” (2011) and “Tanathos” (Tanatos, 2014). All of these albums form a theme based a whole “Critical Mass” (Kritična Masa). Their music forms a symbiotic union with the lyrics and comes across as energetic and direct, yet feelgood and bursting with emotion. It’s a fusion of core hip hop, funk, hard rock and similar directions. As such the music best amplifies the lyrics laden with rebellion, wake up calls, attitudes of a single human being as well as existential questions,

In addition to getting our point across through studio albums we make special efforts in concerts and gigs, directly communicating with our audience who find themselves in our work. It is through this form of communication that we’re all about gets shared best. We love making a heated and raw atmosphere in concerts which is the best demonstration of our work.

We’ve had the honor and privilege of sharing the stage with great local and global musicians performing on every relevant festival in Serbia and the Balkans such as EXIT (Main stage, Fusion stage, Exit live, Riffs & Beats stage), Lake Fest (Montenegro), Arsenal Fest, Mostar Summer Fest, Pannonian Challenge Fest, Trenchtown, TLO, and Student Day Festival. We’ve also presented our work in a great number of TV shows. Our singles made it to the top of the relevant charts in the Balkans on several occasions.

Since 2006 we’ve worked with many performers who share our mind set. Here a part of the list, in no particular order: Marčelo, Elemental, Sunshine, Hornsman Coyote and Eyesburn, Struka, Skaj Vikler, Timbe, Bvana, Mikri, Kandzija, Ajs Nigrutin, Boban (lead singer of Ritam Nereda).

Cooperating with all these people and sharing similar ideas makes something bigger, so we’ve made “Marčelo & Iskaz” as a form of a musical hybrid and super group. We performed since 2010 until 2015 by performing pieces from both our repertoires. In addition to that, our lead singer Zoran-Kiza-Iskaz also sings for the band Sunshine since 2007 and he’s involved in creating the lyrics and the music.