Lake Fest Ecological Program

Lake Fest Ecological Program

From the very beginning, Lake Fest has been based the proper use of space and the preservation of the natural environment in which it is held.

Although the problem of waste is in focus when music festivals in the open are in question, Lake Fest Environmental Program is made up of other segments as well, such as the education of visitors on the values ​​of the space used along with Lake Krupac which is closeby and the initiative for the restoration of the damaged poplar complex, which mainly has a protective character.

The traditional space planning activities which are organised in celebration of Earth Day, aside from being the first phase of the field preparation for the festival, are proof of the commitment to the vision that brought together the organisers and all those who support Lake Fest, regardless of whether institutions or individuals are in question. That vision is a complete revitalisation of the area which was once one of the most popular picnic areas for all the citizens of Niksic and neighbouring municipalities.

The campaign “Rock & Recycle”, which is realised by the brewery “Trebjesa” in collaboration with the environmental movement “OZON”, has been very successful in the past two years, as evidenced by the fact that during the festival days about 50,000 plastic cups, which are the most prevalent form of packaging waste, was collected. Visitors of the festival reacted extremely positively to the notion of replacing empty containers for a shirt that has the sign “Rock & Recycle”, which proved to be a great idea and in accordance with the setting in which the campaign is implemented.

What everyone agrees on is that the ecological character of Lake Fest needs to be nurtured and continuously improved and that it has to be emphasised during the announcement and the realisation of the festival as a value which guarantees an even more positive experience and an even better ultimate impression that stays with the visitor when the lights on the stage are extinguished and sleeping bags and tents are packed until next time.